3. High School

“Self-E” Unit Lesson Plan

During my student teaching placement at Hempfield Area School District’s high school in the Fall of 2014, I was granted the opportunity to design a unit around the theme of “selfies”. The Westmoreland Museum of American Art mentioned that they were going to have a juried student exhibition in November with the theme of selfies […]


Double-Exposure Portraits

Double-exposure portraits are all the rave on the internet and social media these days. About 3 years ago, when the trend started to catch on,  I decided to create my own video tutorial on how to get this effect in Adobe Photoshop. Eventually, I ended up teaching it to my Student Photography Association at IUP […]


Piano-Hinge Sketchbook

For high school art students, I think it is important to have a sketchbook for outside research/sketching homework. Instead of just giving everyone their own sketchbook – or having them buy their own… I thought we could MAKE our own. This lesson teaches a unique book-binding technique to create a sketchbook. First was the assembly […]


The “Traveler” Photography Project

To start off the semester of Video I, I thought it was important to grasp the basic concepts of digital photography…because knowing those skills can also help you get better at shooting video as well. For this project I introduced the basics of photography and had groups go out to photograph a single object in […]


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