Ceramics and Sculpture

Wood Sculpture – “Moment In Time”

This was my very first time creating a sculpture out of wood. It was created in the Fall of 2011. The purpose of the project was to build a wood sculpture while incorporating a quail egg.


Plastic Sculpture Installation in Freeport, Bahamas

In the summer of 2012, I was enrolled in a study abroad program where we collected plastic off of the local beaches and created a sculpture out of it that is now being exhibited in the UNEXSO Diving Museum.


Various 3D Sculptures

Here is a few select images of 3D projects I have created. Most of them were created in an Intro to 3D Design course at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Materials include – recycled detergent bottles, tissue and reed, paper and lights, diorama with peeps, metal, and chocolate and wax molds. If you’d like to learn […]


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