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PA Certified in Art Education K-12… I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Art Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2014. Minoring in both Art Studio and Art History.

I grew up in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh and moved to Philadelphia in the spring of 2015.

While attending IUP, I was introduced to the organization of NAEA  (National Art Education Association). I joined IUP’s student chapter and was immediately hooked. I held an officer position every year I was at IUP. This organization played a huge role in who I have become today.  My senior year, I rose to hold the Vice President position. That year, after national presentations and our involvement in community outreach, we were so strong that our chapter received a national award : Outstanding NAEA Student Chapter Award hosted by the Retired Art Education Association.

I completed my student teaching at Hempfield Area School District, and was placed at their High School teaching Video, Animation, and Drawing & Painting. I was also placed at their Stanwood Elementary school teaching K-5th Grade Art.  My Pre-Student teaching experiences were at Penn Trafford School District and State College Area School District.

Upon graduation, I spent the rest of the year substituting for Norwin and  Hempfield Area School District. During my time subbing for Hempfield, I was asked to substitute for the Art Teacher at Harrold Middle School while she recovered from foot surgery. I subbed at Harrold for 5 weeks (End of March into Mid-April). Although this isn’t considered long-term, a great deal was learned in this extended experience like having my “own” classroom to manage and organize.

I now work for the Substitute Teacher Service in multiple school districts in the Montgomery County. Last fall, the art teacher at Hancock Elementary, Norristown School District, had to leave for surgery. I was their short term sub from Thanksgiving to Winter Break. I very much enjoyed my time there and met some wonderful people and students. From February to the end of the year I was the Day-to-Day Sub at Upper Merion Middle School. I got to know most of the student body as well as the teachers and felt very much at home – but still aching for my own art classroom.

The past two summers I have spent my time teaching art at Blue Bell Camp for children 5 – 11 years old. I taught various lessons weekly as well as morning art projects daily. Some of these projects include photography, tie dye, watercolor, mosaics, metal embossing, leather, and printmaking.

Breakdown of skills… 

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Photography – Owner of a Nikon D5000 DSLR with various lens options. Understanding of manual settings, ISO, exposure, etc.  Setting up studio lighting, dabbling in photograms and basic wet photography. Experience teaching multiple introductory photography lessons. Cyanotype practice as well.

Video- Taught intro classes to Final Cut Pro. I have basic knowledge of Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, etc… they all are pretty similar and easy to pick up. I’ve found Final Cut Pro to be my favorite in terms of user-friendly and options.

Photoshop – I’ve been playing with digital editing since I was 12. Although I never took a course in Adobe Photoshop, I am pretty well self taught. I have a great understanding of layers, curves, masks, retouching, highpass, etc. And if I don’t know how to get a certain effect… I can easily teach myself a new technique. I mainly use Photoshop to edit photography, but I have also used a Wacom Intuos Tablet to create digital artworks and design fliers for organizations I am in. So a bit of graphic design as well. I recently purchased a UGEE Drawing Tablet to produce digital portraits. You can find some of my work at my commission site – Sketchmob.com

Fibers – shibori and other dying techniques, basket weaving with jute and rafia, silk painting, batik, embroidery, basic weaving skills (elementary cardboard looms for example).

Ceramics – experience running a middle school kiln, slab construction, basic wheel-throwing (a bowl is the best you can get out of me right now- I am fairly new at wheel throwing but I LOVE it), coiling construction, pinching construction. A basic understanding of glazes (however sometimes they can be a huge mystery to me, I must admit).

Sculpture – plastics- recycled art, basic woodworking skills, plaster molds, and dabbled in metals – experimented with simple welding techniques and cool attachments(rivets)

Printmaking – experience with screen-printing, monotypes, linocuts, woodcuts, styrofoam prints, various image transfer techniques (my favorite: the Citra Solv technique- smells great!)

Painting – oil, acrylic, watercolor, mural painting, and use of various types of acrylic mediums.

Drawing – charcoal, chalk, graphite, pen and ink, oil pastels, etc.



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