I absolutely loved this Unit and I think it can be adapted to almost any grade level. I only wish I had more time with 3rd grade during my student teaching so we could have come up with more intricate houses. The unit is 4 (maybe 5) lessons long and […]

3rd Grade Architecture Unit

To start off the semester of Video I, I thought it was important to grasp the basic concepts of digital photography…because knowing those skills can also help you get better at shooting video as well. For this project I introduced the basics of photography and had groups go out to […]

The “Traveler” Photography Project

For high school art students, I think it is important to have a sketchbook for outside research/sketching homework. Instead of just giving everyone their own sketchbook – or having them buy their own… I thought we could MAKE our own. This lesson teaches a unique book-binding technique to create a […]

Piano-Hinge Sketchbook

This was a middle school project that I took over when the teacher went on leave for surgery. It was a really neat project and I hope to do it again someday. The students had to research different tiki gods and symbols and decide how they would make their own […]

Clay Tiki Vessels

During my first summer in Philadelphia I was granted the best opportunity for a seasonal job. I was hired as the Art Camp Councilor at Blue Bell Camp where I taught 5-11 year olds. Although I was the youngest councilor there, I was still treated with great respect and had […]

Blue Bell Summer Camp

      Below are a few images of my digital print creations, monotypes with ink, block prints, and silk screen designs. In my mixed course at IUP, I experiemented with different print media techniques. I kept the same theme throughout the different mediums though. I was experimenting with portraying the […]

Mixed Media InkBlots

During the summer of 2013, I was the Art Councilor for the Indiana PA Salvation Army Summer Camp. I taught art lessons that related to different famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau, Claude Monet, and Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition to that, I helped lead different groups and […]

Salvation Army Summer Camp

Double-exposure portraits are all the rave on the internet and social media these days. About 3 years ago, when the trend started to catch on,  I decided to create my own video tutorial on how to get this effect in Adobe Photoshop. Eventually, I ended up teaching it to my […]

Double-Exposure Portraits

      During my student teaching elementary placement, I designed and taught a 5 lesson Unit on Leonardo Da Vinci to 5th Grade students (whom I saw once a week). This lesson was unique because it encouraged students to bridge the gap between science and art. I am a […]

Leonardo Da Vinci Unit: Artist or Scientist?

IUP’s Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association was accepted to present at the NAEA National Convention in San Diego. I was one of the members to be a part of the educators board at the session. Here is the excerpt from the NAEA Convention Schedule that describes our session… […]

Presentation @ 2014 NAEA Convention: San Diego

In the Spring of 2014, I helped to head the NAEA sponsored event: Bright Ideas: Roots and Wings. Indiana University of Pennsylvania NAEA students collaborated with the IUP Museum to design a lesson/studio that focused around their current exhibition. This time, students (grades 3-5th) created an environment found in nature […]

Bright Ideas Workshop 2014

During my student teaching placement at Hempfield Area School District’s high school in the Fall of 2014, I was granted the opportunity to design a unit around the theme of “selfies”. The Westmoreland Museum of American Art mentioned that they were going to have a juried student exhibition in November […]

“Self-E” Unit Lesson Plan

  Members of One Island have visited the Norwin School District multiple times for plastic workshops. Four of our members were alumni of the district so it made setting up workshops very easy. The school was very interested in what we were doing with plastic. I visited during their March Arts Month as […]

Norwin Plastic Workshops

Every Tuesday night, the Salvation Army held a “Supper Club” where students would be able to come, have dinner, and get to have two lessons – one in art and one in either math or english. They would also have a tutoring time where adults would aide them in their […]

Salvation Army Supper Club

Chalk on the Walk is run by NAEA members and in partnership with the United States Army Corps. of Engineers. This public chalk drawing contest is held every summer and focuses on the theme of water safety at Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County. We have local judges come to rank the drawings and cash prizes […]

Raystown Chalk on the Walk

I used this as a simple filler one day lesson with first graders. I introduced the artist Jasper Johns and showed the students some of his work. We talked about all the use of colors within and around the letters/numbers. Then each student folded their own paper into a grid […]

1st Grade: Jasper Johns influenced Names

  NAEA collaborated with One Island to travel to Greensburg’s K.A.R.A.T. School of Learning every other Friday for art lessons in 2012. KARAT School of Learning is a charter school that focuses on kinesthetic approaches to learning. We were asked to come in as visiting artist educators and teach the students about […]

K.A.R.A.T. Charter School Workshop

Here is a few select images of 3D projects I have created. Most of them were created in an Intro to 3D Design course at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Materials include – recycled detergent bottles, tissue and reed, paper and lights, diorama with peeps, metal, and chocolate and wax molds. […]

Various 3D Sculptures

For some time I was experimenting with the idea of fusing figure elements with natural elements. I saw so many similarities between the two that I believed their beauty was one in the same. While blending these two elements together, I thought it would be interesting to paint with a […]

Figures Fused with Nature – Series

Because of my success in 3D Studio Course studio here at IUP, I was chosen to be one of the teacher assistants under Profesor Steve Loar. This was a great teaching experience for me and I learned a lot about teaching college freshmen students.

3D Studio Course Teacher Assistant

Here are a few samples of my hand-dyed fabric. I practiced certain techniques here on different types of fabric.

Shibori – Dying Fabric

This series consists of 2 silk paintings. It is a surreal piece where I try and represent the warmth of the morning and the cool darkness of the night, all with the use of water.

Silk Painting

Practicing my oil painting skills by painting a still life with multiple light sources. A cool light source and a warm one.

Still Life Oil Painting

In the summer of 2012, I was enrolled in a study abroad program where we collected plastic off of the local beaches and created a sculpture out of it that is now being exhibited in the UNEXSO Diving Museum.

Plastic Sculpture Installation in Freeport, Bahamas

During my study abroad program in Freeport, Bahamas, we held a workshop to the locals on how to create artwork out of Plastic. Most of the plastic was actually found and recycled off of the beaches.

Plastic Art Workshop in the Bahamas

A wax resist dyeing technique on fabric. This sparked my interest in Fiber Art. It's still one of my favorite mediums to this day, even though I do not work with it often.


National Art Education Association hosts this event in the spring. We run a contest in the Oak Grove where students can engage in chalk drawings in order to win prizes.

IUP Chalk on the Walk

An One Island Organization event that taught students how to recycle plastics by making art out of it.

Plastic Workshop Fall 2012

A National Art Education Association event that is held at least once a semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. We take students to the campus museum and give them an art lesson based off of the art in the museum at the time.

Bright Ideas 2011

Just a small collection of my flower photography.


Birds have always been a favorite of mine. Their movements just intrigue me. I can see myself photographing birds a lot in my future. You never know what kind of great shot you will come across.


Creating awesome effects with an overexposed long shutter and a flashlight.


Even though kids can sometimes be extremely hard to photograph, they really bring a lot of emotion to a photo.


Here's a small collection of my Butterfly Photography. I know its overdone, but they are still fun to shoot.


This oil painting was created in the Spring of 2012. "I put this landscape where I thought it belonged, but I also included hints of Earth to snap you back into reality."

Where Are We Really?

This extremely unique fashion show exhibits garments created by recycled materials such as plastics, paper, and tape.

Trashion Show 2012

This was my very first time creating a sculpture out of wood. It was created in the Fall of 2011. The purpose of the project was to build a wood sculpture while incorporating a quail egg.

Wood Sculpture – “Moment In Time”